How You Can Use Emu Oil for Pain

People have been using emu oil for pain for as many as 40,000 years.

Australian Aborigine cultures have been using emu oil for pain, skincare, and more for tens of thousands of years ago.

Emu oil is praised for its pain relief abilities. At Healthnetics, we believe that  CBD and emu oil for pain is a winning combination. Our customers tend to agree. Emu oil is an effective carrier oil for CBD as it penetrates deeper into your skin and carries other ingredients with it.

emu oil for pain

Emus originally stored fat to survive the outback of their native Australia. Once emu oil is processed, it has an abundance of other benefits.  The oil is celebrated for its ability to treat skin issues like wrinkles, burns, acne, arthritis, psoriasis, and eczema, among other skin concerns. Emu oil has often been an ingredient in cosmetics. Furtheremu oil has been administered orally as cholesterol, PMS, and allergy treatment in modern times.

At Healthnetics, we use AEA Certified Emu Oil. This ensures that our emu oil quality is that which we could proudly serve our customers. Enjoy the power of emu oil for pain and aches relief.

Emu oil use and availability have become more clear with the popularity of products like Blue Emu. Healthnetics combines emu oil and CBD so that our customers enjoy emu oil for pain relief and CBD for its ability to relieve aches and pain.

Emu oil comes from the flightless emu bird. Emus are native to Australia. At Healthnetics, we stay true to our made in America roots. Our emus are raised in Tennessee, USA.

Take the CBD and Emu Oil challenge. Let us know if our Pure Hemp CBD with emu oil does not help relieve your aches and pain. You will get a complete refund.

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Have questions about pain relief using emu oil? Try Emu Oil for Pain. Emu Oil and CBD for Pain with Healthnetics. Wondering  does Emu Oil Relieve Pain?


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