Emu Oil? Why it’s the best carrier oil for CBD products.

Healthnetics CBD products combine AEA Certified Emu Oil and Pure Hemp CBD Isolate for better results.

Just about everyone has heard of CBD.  Many Americans use CBD products for pain, anxiety, sleep, and a variety of other issues. Some options on the market work better than others. Why? With Healthnetics, it has a lot to do with our carrier oil: Emu Oil.

An effective carrier oil makes all the difference.

All Healthnetics products are made of a unique blend of pure CBD isolate and AEA Certified Emu Oil. Like most companies, at Healthnetics, we infuse CBD into an oil. This is the most effective way for people to process CBD isolate. CBD’s bioavailability is primarily determined by the types of fat molecules contained in the carrier oil.

That’s why we chose emu oil, an all-natural transdermal that quickly penetrates deeply into joints and muscles, making it an ideal carrier oil for CBD. Besides, it has a stellar reputation on its own. For thousands of years, the oil has been used as an anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever. It has a plethora of health benefits.

It is a natural antioxidant and antifungal and naturally boosts collagen production. That means it is great for the inside and outside.

Emu oil also contains essential fatty acids that lend to the fast and effective absorption of CBD into the body. Many popular brands rely on olive oil, coconut oil, which are less effective at delivering CBD.

That’s why Healthnetics CBD products use Emu Oil as a primary ingredient. The AEA certification ensures that the oil we use is “a high-quality product that meets or exceeds the industry-recognized standards for Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil.”

What Makes Healthnetics Better

The market is saturated with a variety of CBD products including tinctures, rubs, gummies among other options. Of course, not all brands provide quality CBD  to consumers. If you are familiar with Healthnetics, you know that we do things differently from other brands. One way is by providing access to 3rd-party lab results 

Not only do we test the pure CBD isolate, but we also test the final product immediately before bottling. Both results are available by scanning the QR code on your Balm or Drops box.

Emu Oil


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