Want to Try CBD? Healthnetics CBD products standout in a crowded space.

Healthnetics CBD aims to dismantle the crowded CBD space.

Healthnetics CBD products bring quality and accountability to the crowded CBD industry.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis. After the passing of the Farm Bill,  probably heard a lot about the stuff as the CBD space has boomed. 

After the bill passed in the House, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue made said in a statement that the passage of the “2019 Farm Bill is good news because it provides a strong safety net for farmers and ranchers, who need the dependability and certainty this legislation affords.”

With that the CBD industry has grown rapidly, but with little oversight.

Healthnetics CBD Oils and Balms

For now, Healthnetics has a simple selection of items. A unique formula in the form of the Healthnetics CBD Balm (with a Menthol-scented variety) comprises the selection of topical CBD options. The Healthnetics CBD Drops and CBD Mango Drops, the flavored option, are the sole sublingual choices. 

Healthnetics suppliers are certified domestic growers and farmers, monitoring product development throughout the growing cycle. This ensures that Healthnetics offers CBD without the ambiguity -unlike some of the other options on the market.

Healthnetics CBD 101

That’s where Healthnetics tries to do things differently. The primarily web-based CBD business has every single product lab-tested. Each item has a QR code on the bottle for customers to view the unique results.

Potential and existing customers can access the results for the current batch at the Healthnetics website, Healthnetics.com. Lab-tested CBD allows consumers to be confident whether trying cannabidiol for the first time or for the regular user.

Testing is performed by Cannasafe (notably, the first accredited lab in cannabis) and discloses the amount of CBD, the absence of pesticides, and the overall, so-called, product purity, and other scientific terms that may be a bit confusing for the casual reader.

You can grab a bottle of CBD from your local gas station or liquor store, but you might not know what you’re consuming. That is according to recent research led by TV Doctor, Dr. Oz. 

The Dr. Oz-led team purchased more than a dozen CBD products throughout LA and submitted them for testing. Some of the products contained THC when labeling indicated that the item was THC-free. One alarming test revealed that a product “contained no CBD, but it did test positive for potentially deadly levels of ethanol.” 10 out of 13 specimens misled customer according to the results. 

In response to the reporting, the National Hemp Association noted that “inconsistencies happen with CBD products due to a lack of standards and regulations.” 

Lab-testing products, as Healthnetics does, acts as a form of self-regulation in a space that is growing rapidly and with uncertainty.


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